Investment activity


The appeal of the Head of the municipal district « Nogaisky district» to the investors

Dear friends! Dear investors!

I am greeting you and offering to your attention some investment suggestions of our municipal unit «Nogaisky district».

At the present stage, the investment development of economy is impossible without activation of investment activity, which is one of the principal tasks of municipal authorities. Not only the solution of wide range of problems of individual municipalities, but in particular degree, the fate of local government in the whole, depend on the development level of investment activity.

The key priorities in economy of our municipal district are the following: increasing of investment attractiveness of the area, active support of effective investment projects on producing of competitive products, improvementof attraction mechanism, building of investment infrastructure of the municipal district.

Nogaisky district is one of perspective municipal districts of the Republic of Dagestan, obtaining great investment potential and essential competitive advantages.

Nogaisky municipal district is part of the northern area and it is the largest district of the Republic. In the north it borders on the Kalmyk Republic, in the west on Stavropolsky region, in the south on the Chechen Republic and in the east on Tarumovsky district.

The territory of Nogaisky district is about 8871,1 ha. About 309,6 thousand ha is in the use of the district.

The total square of the agricultural area is about 261,9 thousand ha, 85,7 % of them is grassland. The distance to the Republic centre Makhachkala is 250 km. The distance to the nearest railway station, town Kizlyar is 100 km.

According to the results of social and economic development of the district, 2018 is characterized by the growth rate in all basic economic indicators.

The growth rate of production of agricultural products is 8,5%, the growth rate of investment into fixed capital is 7,6 %, construction is 38,8%, retail trade turnover - 7,6%, the volume of paid services -7,5%, average monthly nominal accrued wages of employees of organizations - 9,9 %.

The excess of growth rate in comparison with indicators in 2017 is noted in agriculture, investments into the main capital, construction, retail trade turnover, in the volume of paid services and in average monthly nominal accrued wages of employees of organizations.

Agriculture keeps being the leading sphere of economic of the district with its fixed specialization: producing of meat, milk, wool in animal breeding, wheat, producing of melon and fodder crops in crop production.

In 2018, the volume of producing agricultural products by all categories of farming made up 3928,1 million rubles, with growth 108,5 % by 2017 at the rate of growth in 2017- 101 %. By volume of producing agricultural products per capital, our district ranks the first among other municipal districts of the Republic (in 2018 in Municipal unit -209,4 thousand rubles). Its percentage in nationwide indicators comprises 2,9 %.

By the beginning of 2019 10 agricultural enterprises function on the territory of our district, 330 collective farms, 3325 personal benefit farms of the population. In agricultural structure 58,7 % of products are produced by collective farms, 41,2% of farming of the population, agricultural enterprises produce according presented information less than 1 % of products. The dole of stock rising in total volume of agriculture comprised 82,2 %.

In our district projects on development of meaty and milky animal breeding are successfully carried out. Stock-raising farms and processing workshop of milk, semi-industrial feedlots have been built. To the beginning of 2019, according to data of Department of agriculture, in enterprises of all categories there are about 35,4 thousand of horned cattle and about 368,2 thousand of sheep and goats.

Crop production in structure of producing agricultural products comprises 17,8 %. The leading branches of crop production are producing of fodder and melon crops and producing of wheat. Within 2018, in farms of all categories, 13,7 thousand tons of wheat were thrashed, сon 15,2 thousand tons in 2017 (less than 10 %). The producing of crops decreased on 10 %). The producing of forage decreased on 16%.

Vegetables were cropped 3,9 thousand tons (100 % by 2017). The reason of producing rates decreasing of some agricultural products in the current year were unfavourable weather conditions, exactly rainless summer and the introduction of an emergency regime on our territory in connection with the invasion of locust pests.

In spring 2018, laying a garden of total area 10 ha and experimental cotton planting of total area 5 ha were conducted on the territory of Municipal Union Agricultural Enterprise «village Kunbatar».

17 units of machines: 4 tractors MTZ, 3 balers, 3 ploughs, 3 tractor loaders, 2 cultivators, 2 sprinklers, 1 truck «Kamaz» were purchased with the help of our own means. Besides, two tractors MTZ were acquired by leasing.

From the beginning 2018, 5 collective farms got grants of amount 28500 thousand rubles.

The producing volume of agricultural products on the territory of our district allows the enterprises to participate in export supplies. The participants of foreign-economic relations in the district are the Society with Limited Responsibilities «The collective farm Boztorgai» and Agricultural Consumer Cooperative «Agrosoyuz», which developed trade relations with Iran and Tyrkey. From the beginning of the year, the volume of export supplies of lamb by these enterprises comprised 150 million of roubles.

In forecast period the enterprises provide furher infrastructure development, creation of new production and enlargement of their export opportunities.

In 2018 realization of great investment projects started: the construction of feedlot for 430 heads of horned cattle of total cost 44100 thousand rubles between 6 collective farms, feedlot for 400 heads of horned cattle on the base of Agricultural Consumer Cooperative «Agrosoyuz» of total cost 80000 thousand rubles and construction of feedlot for 500 heads of horned cattle and 5000 heads of small cattle of amount 50000 rubles on the base of Agricultural Consumer Cooperative «Edil».

The priority directions of foreign economic development of the district are involvement of foreign investments for realization investment projects and creation of maximum favourable conditions, contributing to active coming of investments into district’s economics.

For the purpose of further development of agricultural sphere in the district, realization of big investment projects: «The development of agrocomplex for breeding horned cattle and small cattle on the base of Agricultural Consumer Cooperative «Agrosoyuz» and «Creation of multifunctional sorting centre in Municipal district «Nogaisky district» is supposed. Within these projects, improvement and modernization of melioration system, construction of slaughter workshop, a workshop for processing of skins, a workshop for the production of stew and a shop for the production of irrigation systems are supposed.

The realization of the mentioned projects, also the creation of the industrial park will allow to change social and economical state of the district crucially, make breakthrough in economical development, strengthen production potential of Nogaisky district.

The investment volume into the fixed capital from all sources of funding in 2018 comprised 125,0 million rubles and the dynamics of growth rate set higher than in 2017 (127,6 % con 122,7% in 2017.

At the beginning of the year the construction of the gas pipeline to village Shumlelic has been finished and gas supply has been provided to the consumers. Works with construction of school for 200 children in village Ortatyube were carried out from the republican budget. The renewal of Terekli-Mekteb School after Dzhanibekov and Karagas middle secondary school after Kidirniyazov by the projects «100 schools» (the investment volume of 6,2 million rubles), site improvement of the territory of parks of the district centre have been finished. The volume of mastered funds comprised 7,7 million rubles. The hall of the district House of Culture has been rebuilt to modern hall with opportunity to watch films in 3D format and the volume of mastered Cinema Funds comprised 5.0 million rubles, payment of debt for the construction of gas pipelines to villages Ortatyube and Shumlelic (18,6 million rubles) were carried out. In 2018 51 units of residential buildings with total area of 5,5 thousand square meters and the volume investment of 75,3 million rubles were introduced at the expense of the population.

The total area of residence per a single person comprised 23,4 square meters (in the republic in 2017 it comprised 18,7 square meters).

In 2019 financing of the following objects is supposed: completion of the construction of school in village Ortatyube (77 million rubles), completion of gas pipelines to villages Kunbatar and Boranchi (65,1 million rubles), construction of the House of Culture in village Kunbatar (30 million rubles), reconstruction of power supply networks of the district (114 million rubles), creation of infrastructure of the industrial park and site improvement of parks in 4 human settlements.

The volume of works, done in the kind of activity «Construction» in 2018 comprised 89,4 million rubles (138,9 % in comparison with 2017).

The number of constant population in the municipal unit «Nogaisky district», taking into account other settlements, included in the municipal unit, comprised 18,8 thousand people to 01.01.2018 or 97,8% by 2017. The number of constant population in the district decreases by 2,0-3,0 % annually. The rundown of the population is caused by sustainable migration decline in population and birth level reduction. Migration balance for 9 months in 2018 comprised 339 (319 people came to live, 658 left the district). We can notice negative migration balance in all municipal country settlements. From the beginning of 2012 we also can notice steady decline in fertility. In 2012 490 new borns were registered, in 2018 - 262 new borns.

In 2018 the average monthly nominal accrued wages of employees of organizations in the municipal district, according to the information of Dagestan Statistics Institution, rose by 109,9 % with comparison of level in 2017 and comprised 25547,8 rubles.

In 2018 positive dynamics was noted by indicators of development in social sphere.







the number of students in educational institutions, studying in the first shift



coverage of children in preschool institutions from 1 to 7 years old



availability of beds in health care facilities for 10000 people



provision with doctors for 10000 people



provision with nursing staff




According to the results of the Unified State Exams, our district ranks the first among other municipal districts of the Republic Dagestan.

The execution of budget allocations for own revenues of the consolidated budget of the municipal district for 2018, according to preliminary data, comprised 125274,5 thousand rubles or 102,6 % to budget appointment. In comparison with 2017 the incomes arrived more than 17894,7 thousand rubles or 116,7 %.

The success of the development of the district is determined by the state of our economy, the base of it is definitely agriculture. In 2018, like during previous years, the policy on the improvement of social sphere, development of investment attractiveness, development in education, health care, culture and sport was carried out. The District disposes extensive areas for cattle grazing and harvesting fodder for the winter period. There are all opportunities for the development of viniculture, gardening, vegetable and melon farming. On our territory there are thermal springs, in the northern parts numerous industrial oil fields and gas condensate have been discovered. There are also deposits of clay and sand.

We consider the rising of the level of investment attractiveness as the most important direction of strategic policy, designed to ensure stable economic growth and increase in the standard of living of the population.

The priority areas for investment attractiveness for middle-term and long-term perspective are:

- agricultural producing;

- agricultural complex;

- utility infrastructure;

- residential construction;

- mining and mineral processing;

- development of tourist and recreational complex;

- consumer market;

In view of the sufficient capacity of the region’s market, all doors in the district are open to investors, and once the door has been opened, if the investors don’t use it, they can miss the «opportunity»:

-                     The opportunity to obtain superprofit;

-                     The opportunity to influence market conditions not only in Nogaisky district, but also in the Republic in the whole;

-                     The opportunity to control the most important traffic intersections not only of republic, but also federal scale;

-                     We are always ready to work in an open and constructive dialogue. Nogaisky District is looking to the future. We invite everybody who are looking not to the past, but to the future, who are ready to carry out new ideas and ambitious projects, to become our partners. I am sure we will achieve success!